CallControl was launched in 2001 to provide customers professional services to benefit from their existing callcenter solution. With over 15 years of progressive experience in callcenter management and callcenter technology, we have been successfully helping mostly Top 500 Leading Dutch and Belgium Companies with their ambitions of getting an exceptional high return on their investments while improving customer satisfaction.

With us you will not find just another technical communication solution or people with puzzling technical answers as you will find at most other companies. Because of our background and expertise we will be there for you as a real partner in business, who understands what your day-to-day business challenges are regarding customer contact.

We will always work together with you making sure you will have a maximum benefit of the combination of our smart communication solutions and our professional services, without having to understand the technical stuff.

For more than 15 years companies are appreciating our services, and now can you. It will only take you 1 phonecall: contact us now at +31 613 084 087. You’ll be surprised.